Grand National Roadster Show

With the 66th annual Grand National Roadster Show right around the corner, Hot Dog has been burning the midnight oil preparing for the three day event. Like last year, he will be in building 6 sharing a 10' x 20' booth with his long time friends of Motorcult and displaying yet another show stopping custom painted motorcycle. 


According to Hot Dog, "we had nothing to sell last time. this year we will have way more stuff. There will be t-shirts, hats, beanies, posters and stickers as well as whatever Motorcult is selling."

If merchandise isn't enough for you, he will be available to pinstripe items brought to his booth each day of the show. And if you're concerned about color choices, we just placed an order with Tri-City Paint for a travel size rainbow. 


After visiting the booth, there is so much more to see. The show spans over 7 buildings and 5 streets inside the Fairplex. It will feature not only cars and motorcycles but bands, awards and a trophy queen contest. To enter the contest, visit  

For more information about the Grand National Roadster Show visit